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Roger Kittelson is the father of 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren. He is a member of the Bellechester and Zumbrota Lions Club, Goodhue-Bellechester Rail Riders, Red Wing Red Men Club, Minnesota Quilters, Lifetime Member Pheasants Forever, and Life Member of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Roger was an eight year school board member with 2 years as Chairperson, and served on several ad hoc committees hiring two principals and one superintendent. He graduated from Goodhue Public School and received an undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN.


Includes these townships in Dakota, Goodhue, and Wabasha Counties:

ISSUES and topics

Trust is the number one issue for me. I want every resident in 20A to know I will try to provide them with the most accurate information, so when they vote on November 8, 2022 they can trust their vote as they will have three choices; Minnesota Independent, Republican and Democrat.

I am an Independent candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives 20A open seat. Currently, in Minnesota the majority of residents surveyed reported they considered themselves independent, and so do I.


On January 30, 2022 the MN StarTribune had an front page article describing the 12 main State issues for the year and I agreed with the Democrats on 4, the Republicans on 4, and neither on 4. The article focus was rising crime and both parties agreed it “as a must-solve problem” and as an Independent I would agree. Perhaps our reporters could start including, Minnesota Independent Resident’s in their researched articles.

Secondly, the actual percentage of voters that describe themselves as Independents continues to climb as the number of MN residents that claim to be democrats or republicans drops. I have always preferred to ask how will the candidate vote on the state and national issues and then choose my candidate based on those items.

We all need to trust our police departments . We need to provide them with the tools they need to protect the public and themselves. Legislation needs to change so they are not nervous about doing the difficult jobs of reducing crime and protecting the public. I feel that some judicial systems are protecting the criminals and prosecuting the police for doing their jobs. It’s simply wrong and the State needs to step forward and do their job to provide our police with the tools and legislation to provide police and public safety, which can reduce the criminal activities throughout the State.

The two political parties should be on the same page with election integrity, but they continue to fight over this issue. All voters should have voter identification, like a drivers license, when they arrive at their polling place. Furthermore, all voters should find it easy to vote, including early voting via mail or visiting the county courthouse and voting early. No more voter compensation schemes like food vouchers or bus tokens. Those items are simply bribes for some residents to vote. It is dishonest in my opinion.

At the Goodhue County Fair, Independent Candidate Roger Kittelson for MN House 20A heard a lot about outside money in our local political campaigns. I know lobbyists do perform a service for our State Legislature by providing specific information to all our legislators during the legislative session. What appears to be out of control is the amount of spending for local races. My belief is no more outside spending and a maximum spending limit of $25,000 or less for each state candidate. Voters can be informed by reading our local newspapers and viewing each candidate’s websites to review their positions on most issues, like election integrity. Join the Independent to reduce outside lobby spending for our local races!

We should start a fully funded 1/2 day preschool for every 4 year old child. This will actually save MN tax dollars on both ends of the education system; lower daycare costs for families and better educated students that will move through our schools much more prepared to succeed. We all know when we hold a child back to repeat a class that costs more tax funding and when we advance a student that is truly not prepared that costs even more. This business model adding preschool to our MN education system for 4 year olds will save tax dollars and improve education in Minnesota.

Minnesota needs health care not health insurance. The current business model has failed for over 20 years and it continues to fail. The only reason the healthcare insurance industry is still operating is due to our local, state and federal tax dollars bailing them out every year.

Currently, a growing number of MN legislators (56) are trying to pass the “MN Healthcare For All” legislation to eliminate the healthcare insurance industry and lawyers from taking our healthcare funding. We need healthcare workers deciding our health needs, without the insurance industry deciding our needs for us. Furthermore, the majority of MN residents, Republicans, Democrats and Independents currently support the MN single payer healthcare plan.

The MN Healthcare For All legislation is a single payer health plan. Every Minnesota resident is covered. When passed every healthcare worker can focus on the customer. It puts the customer in direct contact with the supplier, which is a good business model that will save tax dollars and significantly improve healthcare. Most industrialized countries have single payer healthcare or universal healthcare and it results in significantly lower cost healthcare and much better healthcare, at all ages.


I do not intend to make any laws that will take our guns away from anyone.”  However, I believe stronger civil forfeiture laws for property used for criminal activity will help reduce the number of vehicles and property that is used for criminal activities, including guns.

Our police need our help.  I will support stronger longer sentencing laws for repeat offenders.  Criminals that plan to return to a life of crime will have a better chance to think about a better life when they are not released from jail quickly.

Stricter laws that are enforced by our Judges, without the ability of a Judge to deviate to light sentences, which allows a criminal to quickly return to crime, can be the beginning of reducing gun violence, murder, theft, and drug sales.  We need to protect our police so they can protect the public and these issues will help reduce gun violence and improve gun safety.

I will protect the life of our children and help their mothers and fathers too. I have supported Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life for decades and will be there to support them if elected. I want every resident to know that I will go farther with legislation to provide local needs so young mothers and fathers can move forward within a safe environment to raise the child and or allow for a safe home for adoption.

This issue is not a republican, democratic or an Independent issue as all parties have had the chance to move nationally on a amendment to protect the rights of the babies and their fathers and all parties have failed to allow the voters to decide. I will fight for their rights.

Early in the campaign, we had a few questions regarding an abortion if the life of the mother is at risk. I believe, that the life of the mother needs to be protected when a pregnancy goes wrong and can end the mothers life. I agree with the resident that feels “abortion is also healthcare when an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy or similar conditions occurs.”

EVENTS and appearances!

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A few of Our 4-H Goodhue County Fair Friends that participated in the Fair Auction joined me for a photo-op in my Independent House 20A booth. Over 200 4-H members participated in the fair animal auction. It was all very enjoyable.

These two young ladies pictured above, were winners at the Wabasha County Fair in July. Kittelson Creamery LLC was the lucky supporter for these two ladies : Lillian Schumacher of Lake City and Kayla MacPherson of Plainview.

These ladies showed so much pride, knowledge, and enthusiasm that it was fun for Kittelson Creamery to support the auction and their 4 H activities.

legislative district 20A

The new 20A legislative district includes these townships in Goodhue County – Leon, Florence, Welch, Cannon Falls, Vasa, Featherstone, Hay Creek, Belle Creek, Goodhue, Belvidere, Red Wing, and Wacouta – Wabasha County – Mount Pleasant, Lake, Pepin, Wabasha, Chester, Gilford, West Albany, and Glasgow plus Douglas township in Dakota County. The communities that are in 20A are Cannon Falls, Miesville, Welch, Red Wing, Frontenac, Lake City, Bellechester, Wabasha, and Goodhue. Since the last census our state population has grown and this legislative district is also larger and covers more rural areas.

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